Why I upgraded to Power Lead System

Recently I upgraded from Lead Lightning to Power Lead System. Power Lead System is the name for the upgraded version of Lead Lightning. Upgrading to PLS has many benefits, tools, and training. One thing that pushed my to upgrade sooner than anticipated was the loss of a commission. I had a downline members upgrade before I had upgraded. I had one upgrade to Silver and one upgrade to Gold..on the same day. Because I was not an upgraded member myself, I lost both of those commissions. Those two commissions would have been a monthly residual income for me had I been upgraded myself. These are the emails that notified me of my loss. That was a $20 Commission loss and a $15 Commission loss..major ouch.


So not long after that loss, I upgraded to Gold and I do not regret it. Within days I had a downline member upgrade to Silver. So now that I am upgraded I gained a residual income commission from that! Amazing! See below!


About successwithcandi

Documenting my adventures with earning online. From broke Stay at home mom to my current goal earning 1k+ a week while helping and motivating others to do the same. VISIT MY SITE BELOW: https://successwithcandi.wordpress.com/ Have a wonderful day & Happy Earnings
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