Why I upgraded to Power Lead System

Recently I upgraded from Lead Lightning to Power Lead System. Power Lead System is the name for the upgraded version of Lead Lightning. Upgrading to PLS has many benefits, tools, and training. One thing that pushed my to upgrade sooner than anticipated was the loss of a commission. I had a downline members upgrade before I had upgraded. I had one upgrade to Silver and one upgrade to Gold..on the same day. Because I was not an upgraded member myself, I lost both of those commissions. Those two commissions would have been a monthly residual income for me had I been upgraded myself. These are the emails that notified me of my loss. That was a $20 Commission loss and a $15 Commission loss..major ouch.


So not long after that loss, I upgraded to Gold and I do not regret it. Within days I had a downline member upgrade to Silver. So now that I am upgraded I gained a residual income commission from that! Amazing! See below!


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Growing my Lead List

My lead list has been growing since joining Lead Lightning a month ago. This is an opportunity that I do not regret signing up for. One time $7 investment was all it took to start earning commissions and building my lead list. What is more amazing is that if you have your own primary business, you gain exposure to it! There are no monthly fees to be a part of Lead Lightning.

Below is a pic of the amount of leads I have gained since signing up a month ago…139 leads. This has all been done using free methods such as posting ads on Facebook. I have earned lots of $6 commissions from this system as well. Great success with this system!


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Getting Started With Lead Lightning

Hi everyone! I have uploaded a new video to help new Lead Lightning members get started. Basically, I show you the steps you need to follow as soon as you become a member.
I show you where to plug in your referral link in order to promote your primary business, and quickly show you around the back office.

Please feel free to stop by and comment, like & subscribe.
Thank you!

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Easy Cash Code Payment Proof

I signed up with Easy Cash Code this month and am here to provide my payment proof to this awesome opportunity. I immediately saw what a wonderful income producing opportunity this is. I used the last $18 I had in my Paypal account to sign up and I can honestly say I do not regret it. My one time investment has been paid off! Now I’m ready for unlimited INSTANT $18 Commissions!

Here is a quick & simple explanation of this awesome online opportunity.

  • One Time $18 Sign Up Fee
  • You are Provided with Training Videos
  • You have the option to purchase additional materials to help your marketing business
  • If you do purchase additional materials, you earn an additional commission each time someone you refer does the same thing
  • Multiple ways to earn from this system!
  • Simply copy & paste your ads and receive Sign Ups
  • Official ECC Facebook MasterMind Group (Members Only)
  • You are paid $18 from every person who signs up under your referral link
  • Payment is Instantly sent to your Payment Processor of choice


Here is my Proof of Payment: Click on the pic to sign up or get more info to ECC.


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This One is Legit! Here is the Proof!

Hey everyone! When I began my online journey with making serious money online one of the first systems I joined was Lead Lightning. I knew coming into this system that it was going to be an awesome opportunity for me and I was right. I have seen so many people succeeding, if you choose to upgrade you earn a residual income. I took the gamble and paid the one time $7 sign up fee knowing it would be paid back to me, and I was right.

Well today is the day! The day I had been waiting for since I received my first commission with Lead Lightning…pay day! Lead Lightning pays every Wednesday. I decided to create a YouTube video about my first earnings to show everyone that this site really is legit. >> CLICK TO SEE VIDEO <<

This is just the beginning! Lead Lightning is definitely an opportunity I will be sticking to. You build your lead list, Promote your primary business and earn commissions for doing so. It doesn’t get better than that! My $7 one time signup fee has been paid off and was so worth it.

Here is my Proof of Payment:


Click on my Proof of Payment if you wish to join under me. Be sure to send me a message via Facebook if you do join under me. I can provide you with some tips to get started that will help you start earning.

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Facing Your Fears

“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” —Napoleon Hill
Today I wanted to talk about facing your fears. It is something that I have been challenging myself greatly to do this month. One way I have done so is by creating a YouTube Channel. This is something I would have never imagined I would do. Why? Because of the fear of the people I know running into it and critiques of not only family but strangers. My fears are something that have haunted me in the past and have kept me down. If we continue to live in our own little comfort zone we will never be able to succeed, we will never improve. One thing I recommend is facing your fears, confront them as see how far that takes you. I am doing exactly that.
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Building the Mindset For Success

In order to become successful you really have to have the right mentality..the right mindset to do so.
I’ve taken the time to really look back and see why I have failed so many times.
The answer is simple..my mindset. I was not mentally prepared to succeed. You have to look past the fear, you have to get past the rejections, you have to stay consistent. You need to really have the right mindset for success.
Some advice I have and that I have personally begun to practice is this. Take the time each day to mentally prepare yourself for success. Build yourself up, motivate yourself. For example, each day read books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. There are also many audio books available on YouTube such as Earl Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret.
Listen to these each morning upon waking up.
​Build your mindset in order to succeed, it is crucial.

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